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Introduction to Our Business

Real Estate Business

  1. Real estate brokerage specializing in tourism-oriented real estate in Kyoto
  2. Real estate management operations led by our travel agency that is well-versed in the needs of tourists
  3. Estimates, management and maintenance required for everything from concept design to operation, tailored to a property's condition
Past Projects: Cleaning and cost-efficient remodeling of old machiya and other old homes, followed by operation with a profitable return
Operation of small machiya as ryokan houses and large residences as ryokan and shared houses
New construction and operation of hotels on small plots of land
80 total properties under management

Shared House & Guesthouse Business

Shared House

Our knowledge on running stylish shared houses and guesthouses in Kyoto dates back 2008.

39 total rooms at Shalom Toji (near Toji) and elsewhere
Guesthouse Business

Leveraging our property knowledge management since obtaining our ryokan operating license, Kitayama Trading was the first in Kyoto to rent out entire kyomachiya homes as guesthouses and we have managed more such properties than anyone else.

40 total properties near Higashiyama-Sanjo and other area

Hotel Business

Hotel operating method: entrusted management
We create boutique hotels by taking advantage of the local community's atmosphere, culture and distinctive qualities.

  1. An original brand of boutique hotels, Hotel Ethnography – Crafts & Culture Hotels
  2. Interiors and exteriors: sophisticated design taking advantage of Kyoto's local character, interior decorating
  3. Utilization of community characteristics: partnerships with neighborhood shops, artisans and other unique assets of historical Kyoto for our mutual gain and development
  4. Ambition to create high-quality, dignified hotels

Inbound Travel Business

  1. A travel agency that handles customized tour planning and coordination for foreign travelers, primarily from Western countries, to serve these inbound tourists.
  2. Since Kitayama Trading was founded in 2005, we have conducted numerous custom tours for international visitors seeking a true understanding of Japanese culture.
  3. With a track record of success recognized both in Japan and beyond, in 2013, Kitayama Trading was selected as a certified agent in Japan of Virtuoso, the international network that handles luxury travel to locations across the globe. Out of the three such certified agents currently in Japan, Kitayama Trading serves the largest travel volume.
  4. In 2018, Kitayama Trading was recognized by the City of Kyoto as one of the "companies spinning the tale of the next millennium."