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Matchmaking with a rare property

History of Kitayamatrading

2005 A parent company Windows to Japan, Inc. established.
The finite hospitality travel which can be done is planned by custom-making.
2008 It increases in the request which would like to stay in the house in the midst of the busy town where Kyoto is more peculiar than a hotel in the city of a sou customer.
Windows to Japan develop a guest house and starting.
2010 In-house property possession increase in count.
13 guest houses, 2 share houses and 2 apartments.
2011 An eastern Japan great earthquake generates a guest house and share house good condition at the popular place. Profit fifty percent reduction.
2012 The first house is shared in SHALOM To-ji, house opening.
2014 Kitayamatrading corporation is established.
The buying and selling and the management practice starting specialized in the sightseeing type real estate by this.
2017 We start 2 boutique hotels in Gion. It's being managed by average operating ratio 80%. Kyoto station Elijah starts 2 boutique hotels in 2018.
2018 Boutique hotel "Hotel ethnography Shinmonzen" Michelin guide carrying.