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Message from the President

Eighteen years ago, I fell in love with Kyoto and moved here. It wasn't only Kyoto's lengthy history and noble traditions that continued to mesmerize me, but also its allure as a city that consistently accepts new concepts and values that are so very creative. Unless we make more effective use of Kyoto's small plots of land in a way that welcomes the city's international visitors, we will not find a solution to problems such as abandoned houses, an issue that grows more serious by the year. I would like to apply Kitayama Trading's knowledge and experience with inbound tourism to more accurately identify what communities and foreign tourists need so that we can take action that is ahead of the curve.

Looking forward, I would like to manage Hotel Ethnography, the original brand of boutique hotels that shares Japan's excellent craftwork and culture with domestic and international travelers, to establish it as the top chain of its kind in the country. Meanwhile, rather than merely making effective use of land, I will take action that over the long term creates more fans of Japanese culture. At Kitayama Trading, we follow our guiding concept of "spaces for experiencing living culture" throughout our business, which ranges from real estate brokerage and management to the creation and operational management of machiya guesthouses and boutique hotels.

President and CEO Wendy Lee